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im working on a project that uses html, css, jq, php, mysql in combination.

i have the html/ss/jq down pat, and the php will be easy, but i have a question about mysql.

while my website is just sitting on localhost on WAMP, or even a free web host, am i able to create a database and then import it into my actual hosting when im done? i know that the login info and all that will change, so i just must change my db_connections.php where my info is stored.

however, will i need to adjust everything else when it is done? is it easier to just buy the hosting/domain i want now and not deal with importing?

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我正在处理一个使用html,css,jq,php,mysql的项目。 \ n

我有html / ss / jq下载,而php会很简单,但我有一个关于mysql的问题。

而我的网站只是坐在 WAMP上的localhost,甚至是一个免费的网络主机,我能够创建一个数据库,然后在我完成时将其导入我的实际主机吗? i知道登录信息和所有这些都会改变,所以我必须改变我的db_connections .php我的信息存储在哪里。

但是,完成后我还需要调整其他所有内容吗? 是否更容易购买我现在想要的托管/域名而不处理导入?

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  • duanpie2414 2014-09-01 00:37

    once you are done with the DB, you can just export the whole database as sql. Then depending on your hosting provider you can either install PhpMyAdmin and import the database or use command prompt to import the DB.

    You will only need to change the Host/User/Password/Database Name in the configuration file you are using.

    This is a very standard practice. Do not worry much about the DB stuff.

    Probably the only thing you should look for is the version of MySQL/PHP installed on the hosting server. While you might be using the latest versions most hosting providers are late in updating their servers.

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