2014-08-14 05:41
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I have created custom PHP class that contains useful functions I need to use them in my zf2 project, and I want to be auto-loaded and to be used in all controllers and models (GLOBAL) is that possible? and how?
I did the following: /vendor/composer/autoload_namespaces.php

return array(
    'Libs\\' => array($vendorDir . '/classes/lib'),
    'Zend\\' => array($vendorDir . '/zendframework/zendframework/library'),
    'ZendXml' => array($vendorDir . '/zendframework/zendxml/library'),

I call it in IndexController.php

use Libs\Myclass;

in My Custom class: /vendor/classes/lib/Libs/Myclass.php

namespace Libs;

class Myclass {

is this right?? and is this global?

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