2014-07-25 18:20
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I need to be able to convert my kml files into an image so I can use them on a pdf I'm generating using mpdf. I am currently using the javascript api to display the kml map on my webpages.

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我需要能够将我的kml文件转换为图像,以便我可以在pdf上使用它们我是 使用mpdf生成。 我目前正在使用javascript api在我的网页上显示kml地图。

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  • douhan1992 2014-07-25 19:19

    From the Google Maps Image APIs:

    The Google Maps Image APIs make it easy to embed a static Google Maps image or Street View panorama into your web page, with no need for JavaScript.

    The APIs are as simple as constructing a URL with the information about your image; once the URL is loaded from an image tag, Google will create and return your map or Street View scene.

    Then you can get an image instead of the javascript map with

    <img src=",-47.91378&zoom=11&size=200x200">


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