2014-05-18 19:36
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My environment is WampServer Version 2.5 running Apache/2.4.9 (Win64) PHP/5.5.12/ MySQL 5.6.17.

The localhost works fine and I can see the project folders in the DocumentRoot. When I try to navigate the project folders via the links, the browser cannot find them. For example if I try to open test folder inside www, i.e. localhost-->test results in the test folder not found and apparently the url in the browser shows http://test/. But if I manually enter the location in the browser like http://localhost/test/, then I can see the project and then on wards can navigate the subfolders via links.

I want to be able to navigate the project from my localhost rather than typing it out.

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  • dongxiezhuo8852 2014-05-18 19:47

    Wamp 2.5 can use virtual host. here is nice tutorial. But if you still want to use localhost use this:

    in WWW director -> index.php file search for:

    $suppress_localhost = true; // line 30

    and set this to false:

    $suppress_localhost = false;

    And to make work the "My Projects" from tray menu you need to edit the refresh.php file from c:\Wamp\scripts on line 651 replace:

    $myreplacesubmenuProjects .= 'Type: item; Caption: "'.$projectContents[$i].'"; Action: run; FileName: "'.$c_navigator.'"; Parameters: "http://'.$projectContents[$i].'/"; Glyph: 5 ';


    $myreplacesubmenuProjects .= 'Type: item; Caption: "'.$projectContents[$i].'"; Action: run; FileName: "'.$c_navigator.'"; Parameters: "http://localhost/'.$projectContents[$i].'/"; Glyph: 5 ';

    and right on tray icon and click "Refresh".

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