2014-03-23 14:32
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Openshift - 在创建应用程序时缺少libs,misc和php文件夹

I got some problems when creating an openshift app. For the first time I create an app using rhc app create myapp php-5.3, the localhost directory has 5 folders (.git, .openshift, libs, misc, php). And for the second time I create another app using rhc app create myanotherapp php-5.3, I found that the localhost directory only has 2 folders (.git and .openshift)! The other folders are missing!

Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? Because I'm new using openshift and still don't understand this to much.

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创建openshift应用程序时遇到了一些问题。 我第一次使用 rhc app create myapp php-5.3 创建一个app,localhost目录有5个文件夹(.git,.openshift,libs,misc,php)。 我第二次使用 rhc app创建另一个应用程序创建myanotherapp php-5.3 ,我发现localhost目录只有2个文件夹(.git和.openshift)! 其他文件夹丢失了!

有谁能告诉我如何解决这个问题? 因为我是使用openshift的新手,但仍然不太明白这一点。

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  • dongshan8194 2014-03-23 15:12

    Read through the March OpenShift Online Release Blog post (https://www.openshift.com/blogs/openshift-online-march-2014-release-blog) about the php document root changes (optional document root), I think that will solve your issues.

    Specifically the section titled: Simplified Template Directory (Great for PHP/Python/Perl users)

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