2014-02-11 17:02
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I'm exploring the source code of Kohana framework, and it has the following logic when deleting the cookie on browser:

public static function delete($name)
        // Remove the cookie

        // Nullify the cookie and make it expire
        return setcookie($name, NULL, -86400, Cookie::$path, Cookie::$domain, Cookie::$secure, Cookie::$httponly);

I understand that the function setcookie will set cookie's name to deleted (as displayed in browser cookies view) and expire it so that the browswer doesn't send it next time. So why is the first part with unset is there?

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  public static function delete($ name)
 unset($ _ COOKIE [$ name]); 
 //  Nullify cookie并使其过期
返回setcookie($ name,NULL,-86400,Cookie :: $ path,Cookie :: $ domain,Cookie :: $ secure,Cookie :: $ httponly); 

我知道函数 setcookie 会将cookie的名称设置为 deleted (如浏览器cookie视图中所示)和 将它过期,以便浏览器下次不发送它。 那么为什么 unset 的第一部分存在?

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