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I might have put a not so right title of the question, apologies for that. I am sending some values in an array to be looped by foreach. Now, the use-case is that these are some id(s) related to a teaching responsibility and i am required to group them in a higher grouped responsibility. But the condition is that these id(s) have to be of same paper type.

Now, what i think i need to do in order to achieve this is to check the paper type for each array value and if they are not the same then i need to get out of the loop and give an error.

Note This is an AJAX request.

my code so far for looping through the array is:

$tid = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['tid']);

$resp = $_POST['respid'];

$name_id = array_values($resp)[0];

$q1 = mysql_query("select p.p_name from papers p, iars ir where'$name_id' and ir.paperid = p.p_id");

$rows1 = mysql_fetch_array($q1);
$gresp_name = $rows1['p_name'];

$q2 = mysql_query("insert into giars set sessionid='$session', teacherid='$tid', name='$gresp_name'");
$gresp_id = mysql_insert_id();

foreach ($resp as $value ) {

   $query = mysql_query("select p.ptype from papers p, iars ir where p.p_id = ir.paperid and'$value'");


  // I am stuck here //

$q1 = mysql_query("insert into grp_resp(giars_id, iars_id, courseid, semester, paperid, groupid) select '$gresp_id', '$value', courseid, semester, PaperId, groupid from iars where id='$value'");

echo "done";

Now, how do i get out of the loop if the condition fails and give an appropriate response for the AJAX request.

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