2013-09-11 14:48

App Inventor的XML-RPC HTTP请求?


I am trying to build out an app that will communicate with Tapatalks API, it uses XML-RPC HTTP requests, I can do post/get requests with the web component. I cannot find anything on modifying the web component/Blocks to create said XML-RPC encoding. Any resources? Tips of what to search, or insight would be appreciated.

This is the API php code I am trying to interact with https://github.com/tapatalk/tapatalk-phpbb3/blob/master/root/mobiquo/function/login.php

Here is my app blocks currently and I am getting a code 200

Here is my blocks editor : http://imgur.com/uEyOb8i

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  • down2323 down2323 8年前

    What you tried looks very strange, but at least you tried something ;-) ... You somehow mixed a POST and GET request, there is no header defined and where is the xml format?

    Probably it helps to read this first: What is a XML-RPC Request

    Then concerning App Inventor you can try to use the following blocks.
    EDIT: update of the screenshot to make things clearer.

    enter image description here

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