2013-06-13 20:15
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jQuery Datatables.net库 - 将撇号插入MySQL

I have two servers that I'm running locally - one on my mac using MAMP and one on my PC using WAMP. Both contain the same library and same php.

I can enter an apostrophe and have it escaped just fine into MySQL on the mac (MAMP) side, but not on the PC using WAMP - same code.

Is there a setting in PHP or MySQL that's not set by default on WAMP that's making the difference?

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我有两台本地运行的服务器 - 一台在我的mac上使用MAMP,另一台在我的PC上使用WAMP 。 两者都包含相同的Datatables.net库和相同的php。

我可以输入一个撇号,让它在mac(MAMP)端很好地转移到MySQL,但不能在使用WAMP的PC上 - 相同的代码。


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  • douzhui8531 2013-06-14 15:20

    Posting as answer then so we can mark this question complete.

    Different PHP configuration perhaps?

    Magic quotes can cause this problem. Differences between WAMP and MAMP are much less common than server configuration differences between two servers. Usually if code works on one and not the other, there are differences in your Apache or PHP configuration.

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