2013-05-07 13:35



I have this script to open a web page and count every line with an img tag. However, it is not working. Could help me to find out the problem with the script? This array should hold info of every line but it is giving about only 1 line of its choice.

$a = ''; //page i want to search
$b = fopens($a , "r"); //to open the page for viewing source
$line = array("0" => "false"); //to keep record of lines with img tag we dont have  line 0 so dont worry
$x = 0; //varialble to hold no. of lines
while(!feof($b)) {   //search every line of file upto the end
    $x = $x+1; //update line every it loops
    $pos = strrpos(fgets($b) ,"<img"); //seach for the img tag
    if($pos === false) { $line = array($x , "false"); } //keep record of line without img tag as fasle
    else { $line = array($x , "true"); } //keep record of line with img tag as true
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  • doubangzhang6992 doubangzhang6992 8年前

    Your problem is this: $line = array($x , "true");
    You are assigning a new value to $line, not pushing the value into the array.

    Instead you should do either of this:

    $line[$x] = "true" // or false, whatever
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