2014-10-30 22:41
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如何才能找到无法结束加载的页面? [关闭]

I have a page that doesn't end to load. PHP max_execution_time is set to 30 but the icon in the Chrome tab doesn't end to turn. What tool I can use to find where the script is?

PHP log are clean, and this is a simple login page made using laravel. I discover that problm are caused by cookie, in fact if I load page using Chrome hidden mode I have not the problem.

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我有一个页面无法加载。 PHP max_execution_time设置为30,但Chrome标签中的图标不会结束。 我可以使用什么工具来查找脚本的位置?

PHP日志很干净,这是一个使用laravel创建的简单登录页面。 我发现问题是由cookie引起的, 事实上,如果我使用Chrome隐藏模式加载页面我没有问题。

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  • douhandie6615 2014-10-30 22:45

    PHP max execution time is for PHP. There are several other things that have to process as well, like MySQL. The time it takes SQL to do stuff is not included in the PHP max execuion time. Beyond that, you'd have to show some code to figure out why.

    To anwser your question, the browser is a pretty good tool for that. Or if a rewrite is hiding the filename you could grep for a unige string from the source, assuming you know which parts are PHP generated.

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