2014-10-28 08:03
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I have made some migration files in Laravel. When I type php artisan migrate in my terminal, everything goes fine. If I want to rollback all the migrations, I type php artian migrate:refresh, and I get an error:

migrations/2014_10_03_113254_create_groups_user_table.php): failed to open
stream: No such file or directory.

The name if the file was 2014_10_03_113254_create_groups_user_table.php but I changed it to 2014_10_03_113254_create_group_user_table.php(without the 's' by group).

After I changed the filename, I removed my database manually and created al the tables again, with the migration files.

I do not understand why I still get this error.

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我在Laravel中制作了一些迁移文件。 当我输入 php artisan migrate in我的终端时,一切都很顺利。 如果我想回滚所有迁移,我输入 php artian migrate:refresh ,我收到一个错误:

include(  / Applications / XAMPP / xamppfiles / htdocs / api-dashboardv2 / app / database / 
migrations / 2014_10_03_113254_create_groups_user_table.php):无法打开
 \  n 

如果文件是 2014_10_03_113254_create_groups_user_table.php 的名称,但我将其更改为 2014_10_03_113254_create_group_user_table.php (没有按组分列的's')。


我不明白为什么 我仍然会收到此错误。

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  • dongqiang2358 2014-10-28 08:12

    Did you try composer dump? Might need to reload the files since you changed the migration files.

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