2014-08-19 18:08
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使用AWS SDK中的S3部分密钥和PHP

I'm reading: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/aws-sdk-php/latest/class-Aws.S3.S3Client.html#_getBucketCors

I have a partial key ex: "/myfolder/myinnerfolder/"

However there are actually many objects (files) inside of myinnerfolder.

I believe that I can call something like this:

$result = $client->getObject(array(
            'Bucket' => $bucket,
            'Key'    => $key
        return $result;

If I have the full key. How can I call something like the above but have it return all of the objects and or their names to me? In Python you can simply request by the front of a key but I don't see an option to do this. Any ideas?

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  • dopuzf0898 2014-08-19 19:48

    You need to use the listObjects() method with the 'Prefix' parameter.

    $result = $client->listObjects(array(
        'Bucket' => $bucket,
        'Prefix' => 'myfolder/myinnerfolder/',
    $objects = $result['Contents'];

    To make this even easier, especially if you have more than 1000 objects with that prefix (which would normally require multiple requests), you can use the Iterators feature of the SDK.

    $objects = $client->getIterator('ListObjects', array(
        'Bucket' => $bucket,
        'Prefix' => 'myfolder/myinnerfolder/',
    foreach ($objects as $object) {
        echo $object['Name'];
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