2014-04-25 08:53
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PHP sqlsrv存储过程有时没有返回结果

I have this strange problem with PHP Sqlsrv calling a store procedure. Sometimes it return result, sometimes not. When debugging with netbean php, it popup Socket exception occurred. When the browser made the request, the connection get reset and does not return any error.

I am using the sqlsrv library of codeigniter

function result_object()
        if (count($this->result_object) > 0)
            return $this->result_object;

        // In the event that query caching is on the result_id variable
        // will return FALSE since there isn't a valid SQL resource so
        // we'll simply return an empty array.
        if ($this->result_id === FALSE OR $this->num_rows() == 0)
            return array();

        while ($row = $this->_fetch_object())
            $this->result_object[] = $row;

        return $this->result_object;

function result($type = 'object')
        if ($type == 'array') return $this->result_array();
        else if ($type == 'object') return $this->result_object();
        else return $this->custom_result_object($type);

$result = null;
            $result = $this->result(); //error happen on this line.
              log_message("error", print_r($result,true)); // if added this line, the result is okay most of the time
            }while( sqlsrv_next_result($this->result_id));

EDIT : Okay, this is getting more strange, if I add this line after $result then it works MOST of the TIME . log_message("error", print_r($result,true));

EDIT 2 : Okay, just anything to do with logging message into the file. Such as like this will work also. Seem to do with output buffering ? log_message("error", print_r("abc123",true));

EDIT 3 :

'hostname'  => '',
'username'  => 'xxx',
'password'  => 'xxx',
'database'  => 'dbname',
'dbdriver'  => 'sqlsrv',
'dbprefix'  => '',
'pconnect'  => FALSE,
'db_debug'  => TRUE,
'cache_on'  => FALSE,
'cachedir'  => '',
'char_set'  => 'utf8',
'dbcollat'  => 'utf8_unicode_ci',
'swap_pre'  => '',
'autoinit'  => TRUE,
'stricton'  => FALSE
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  • dtrb96410 2014-04-29 03:34

    Finally, it's the CURSOR issue of the sqlsrv_driver.php , in that file, find this SQLSRV_CURSOR_STATIC and replace it with SQLSRV_CURSOR_CLIENT_BUFFERED . Now it return result without having to use that log_message("error", "abc123"); And even execute 1000 time of my SP there's no problem.

    Found solution from

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