2014-04-10 20:40
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I've just started using Slim and Twig and getting to grips with it all.

I am building a small site and will have a Twitter feed on every page. So, I want to put this in my layout template (base.html.twig). The only way I can see to do it is to pass it in to every route and then use an include that can access the details.

Seems like there must be a way to set it in the layout template once without passing it in through every route?

Any help or a related link would be great.

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我刚刚开始使用Slim和Twig并掌握所有这些内容。 \ n

我正在建立一个小网站,每个页面都有一个Twitter提要。 所以,我想把它放在我的布局模板(base.html.twig)中。 我能看到的唯一方法是将其传递到每个路由,然后使用可以访问详细信息的include。


任何帮助或相关 链接会很棒。

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  • douhui5953 2014-04-10 21:18

    you can extend twig with user defined functions, just make a call inside template and you will not need for passing it every time

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