2014-04-03 14:30
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I have a Many-to-Many relationship where there is an addional value column on the table. How do I pick that value? So...

- user_id
- something_id
- value

Model User:

return $this->belongsToMany('Something', 'user_something')->withPivot('value');

Now, I would like to get the value for one user where the something id is 2.

Something like this:

$user = User::find(1);
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  • doulei6778 2014-04-03 16:01

    You may try this:


    Since something is a collection so we may use find($id) method to get an item by it's id. Also, you may use filter(callback) method to filter the collection using a loop and running the callback (passed in filter method as argument) in every loop, for example:

        // $item is an object from the collection
        // So, you may use: $item->pivot->value

    You may also read this article.

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