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So I've searched this site about this issue and tried what has been suggested and still no luck. I thought maybe it was my 'server' (On my tablet using KSWEB, no computer right now) so I created 2 simple files to share a session variable between the two and it worked fine. I have no idea why this isn't working for these two. I'm trying to create a login page (an insecure one, I know). The error function USED to work (this is what gets me), and now it doesn't. The files are below. I only included the top portion of admin.php because I've commented out the rest. It really shouldn't matter. Right now, if you submit the form without entering anything into the admin prompt, an error should display next to the asterisk saying "Admin needs to be filled out". Despite my best efforts, this doesn't work anymore and I'm completely stumped as to why.



  .error {color: #FF0000;}

  function submitForm()

<?php echo $_SESSION["adminErr"];?>

<h2>Administrator login page</h2>
<form method="post" action="admin.php" name="adminform">
  Admin: <input type="text" name="admin" style="position:absolute; left:100px">
  <span class="error" style="position:absolute; left:285px">*<?php echo $_SESSION["adminErr"];?></span>
  Password: <input type="password" name="password" style="position:absolute; left:100px">
  <span class="error" style="position:absolute; left:285px">*<?php echo $_SESSION["passwordErr"];?></span>
  <button onclick="submitForm()">Submit</button>

<p><?php echo $_SESSION["flogin"];?></p>






  if (empty($_POST["admin"])) // Check to make sure Admin field is filled out
    $_SESSION["adminErr"] = "Admin field must filled"; // Set error if not filled
    header("location:login.php"); // Return to login page
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