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I have this php that is a login screen then goes to the profile page, and there it is suppose to echo out the users; username and email on the screen. I had it working before haven't changed anything but now only the username prints out.

This is the login php:

public function Login($username, $password){

if(!empty($username) && !empty($password)){

    $stmt = $this->db->prepare("SELECT username, password, email FROM users WHERE BINARY username = ? AND BINARY password = ?");

    if($stmt->rowCount() == 1){
        $_SESSION['username'] = $username;
        $email = $stmt->fetchColumn(2);
        $email = $_SESSION['email'];
        header('Location: http://www.mywebsite.com/dev/profile.php');
            echo "Incorrect username or password please try again.";
        echo "Must type username or password.";

This is the profile php :

    $username = $_SESSION["username"];
    $email = $_SESSION["email"];
        header("Location: http://www.mywebsitelogin.com/dev/");

And this is how im echoing it out:

<?php echo '<h1>'.htmlentities($username).'</h1>'; ?>
<?php echo '<h3>'.htmlentities($email).'</h3>'; ?>

Also on a side question is there a more constant way of including a file inside a php other than include_once(). Because it's happened where that part of the php code fails for no reason when refreshing or entering a page.

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  • dongqi9125 dongqi9125 8年前

    You're not putting the email into the session. You're doing the opposite:

    $email = $stmt->fetchColumn(2);
    $email = $_SESSION['email'];

    Change that to:

    $_SESSION['email'] = $stmt->fetchColumn(2);

    Perhaps it appeared to work before because during debugging, you had already stored the email variable in the session.

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