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如何在smarty中访问php while循环变量

I have completed a php page with my poor logic but working fine... i want to access data of that page into smarty page. Page name id dealers.php and theme page name is dealers.html

I want to access while loop data into smarty

$q1=mysql_query("select * from class_users where active=1 and store=1 ORDER BY rand() limit 8");

while ($ev= mysql_fetch_object($q1)){
$did = "$ev->id";
$dname = "$ev->contact_name";
$drating     = "$ev->rating";
$rating = round($drating);
$dnorating = "$ev->no_ratings";
$dphoto  = "$ev->photo";
$dc  = "$ev->company_name";
$store_banner    = "$ev->store_banner";
$durl = preg_replace('~[^A-Za-zds-]+~u', '',  strtolower($dname));

it mean i am storing data from database in variables... so i want to use this variables into smarty template file. How to assign while loop and how to get while loop variables in smarty ...?

dealer.php $smarty->assign(dealer_name, $dname);

dealers.html {$dealer_name}

It showing only one name one time. Need to get all dealers from database using above php logic. Just tell me how to assccess these variables in dealers.html

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