2013-07-24 06:04
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I'm using AIM and silent post. The purchase is done via AIM, and it's working fine. If the user wants to refund then it's tracked via silent post url. But there is no parent transaction id for a refund transaction. So I couldn't understand of which transaction the refund is for. Do anyone have any idea on this one? Or how to do it.

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我正在使用 AIM和无声帖子。 购买是通过AIM完成的,并且工作正常 。 如果用户想要退款,那么它会通过无声的邮政网址进行跟踪。 但是没有父交易ID用于退款交易。 因此我无法理解退款所涉及的交易。 任何人都有任何想法 在这一个? 或者怎么做。

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  • dongxin1999 2013-07-24 06:36

    Keep Test mode turned off, then you will get a Transaction ID for each payment transaction. For a refund call (credit or void) pass the particular transaction id which can identify the payment. In test mode returns 0 as transaction id. For more Test refunds on using a test account?

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