2013-07-19 06:32


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Now when I want visit unpublished post page by direct URL like http://.../?p=123 I see 404 error page. Where in code I must to perform fixes to show posts for all guests and visitors undependable from post status.

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  • duanbeng8872 duanbeng8872 8年前

    In case if you wish to do it manually without a plugin.

    1. Goto Wordpress>wp-includes

    2. Open query.php in a text editor

    3. Search for something like $status = get_post_status($this->posts[0]);

    4. Replace it with $status='publish';

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  • dousha2020 dousha2020 8年前

    You need to use a plugin called Public Post Preview.

    It adds an additional meta box called Public Post Preview. If you check the enable public preview box, then you will be given a URL which you can use.

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