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samba web客户端 - 在php脚本中设置连接

I have to establish connection with Samba server from my php script in order to download some files into my local server.

Actually its first time I have heard of something like Samba so I Tried to look for a opensource code that I could make use of.

Here it is what I have found: First class - smbclient.php and I tried code posted on the page:


require_once ('smbclient.php');

$smbc = new smbclient ('//', 'exampleuser', 'examplepassword');

if (!$smbc->get ('path/to/desired/file.txt', '/tmp/localfile.txt'))
    print "Failed to retrieve file:
    print join ("
", $smbc->get_last_stdout());
    print "Transferred file successfully.";


Adjusting it into my needs ( server, user, password), all i got is

Failed to retrieve file: 
Fatal error: Call to undefined method smbclient::get_last_stdout() 

Then I found out about smbwebclient.php project which looks awesome and can be found here.

And this class looks good but the problem is that I have no idea how to use it. Can anyone post it example connection or link to tutorial?

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  • doutuosai3504 2013-11-17 05:33

    To get files from a samba server, you can try to use a smb wrapper, like the one here but changing the deprecated splits with explodes. Then you can include your php file using this code:

    include( 'smb://user:password@server/folder/file.php');
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  • douleng0794 2015-01-09 08:31

    Reviving old thread but I think I found the solution, the code must have changed since the pot was made on the blog:

    print join ("
    ", $smbc->get_last_stdout());

    should now be

    print join ("
    ", $smbc->get_last_cmd_stdout());



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