2013-05-06 13:43
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I am working on a reporting system where it takes all the data from backend and represent in graph. Using highcharts I have completed on graph which was simple line graph 24 hrs spread over the x axis and each line represents date.Now the problem is getting the second graph ready. I want the second graph to look like this

Here as you can see multiple x axis series is there where each series consist of 24 hr and represent to a particular date. I tried finding the example or anything close to it but didn't succeed. I am open to any solution just want to the graph completed.

Thank you.

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我正在处理一个报告系统,它从后端获取所有数据并以图形表示。 使用highcharts我已经完成了图表,这是简单的线图24小时分布在x轴上,每一行代表date.Now问题是让第二个图准备好。 我希望第二个图形看起来像这样

这里你可以看到多个x轴系列在那里 其中每个系列包括24小时,代表特定日期。 我试图找到这个例子或任何接近它的例子,但没有成功。 我对任何解决方案持开放态度只是想完成图表。


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