2013-04-29 23:01
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I am developing a PHP employee application section for a client's secure website. They want the potential employee to fill out a W4 fillable PDF and have it emailed to them. I have found some solutions for pulling information from a PHP form and spitting it out to the PDF via PDFTK.

What I am curious about is: Can I achieve the same result by having the user fill out the actual PDF form (maybe in iframe or however) via PHP? or am i stuck developing the W4 in PHP then transferring the submitted values to PDFTK?

I'm just thoroughly confused on this whole process, so any insight or resources are appreciated.

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我正在为客户的安全网站开发PHP员工应用程序部分。 他们希望潜在的员工填写W4可填写的PDF并通过电子邮件发送给他们。 我找到了一些解决方案,用于从PHP表单中提取信息并通过PDFTK将其吐出到PDF。

我很好奇的是:我可以通过让用户获得相同的结果 通过PHP填写实际的PDF表格(可能在iframe中) 或者我在PHP中开发W4然后将提交的值转移到PDFTK?


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  • duanfan9859 2013-04-30 00:17

    Maybe what you really want is for the PDF document to post itself to a url. That way you can let people view/use the pdf, and receive/save the whole document when they are done. This will probably make your client happy, since they likely have a whole workflow based on those W4 PDFs. See Can a PDF fillable form post itself.

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