CodeIgniter路由 - 移动到新服务器后出现404错误

At the moment I am trying to move a website to a new web server. The site uses CodeIgniter and on the old server, every route worked. On the new server none of them are working, even though I copied the entire website from the old server. This means there are no differences in .htaccess files, since the two servers contain the exact same website. Not even the default routes are working, just the home page (index.php). I included the code in .htaccess to remove 'index.php' from routed URLs, but that also does not work.

If I try to visit '' it will give me a 404 error, which means that the CodeIgniter route is not working. The controller file is located at /application/controllers/employees.php, so I am not sure what causes the problem.

I am aware of the similar posts on the site here, but none of them could solve my problem. Configuration of the config/config.php is (partly) as follows:

$config['base_url'] = '';
$config['index_page'] = '';
$config['uri_protocol'] = 'AUTO';

I have tried to change the base_url, but it still does not work if it's empty. Changing uri_protocol to REQUEST_URI or PATH_INFO also does not work. Also, if I try (so put 'index.php/' in between) I still cannot reach the page. I checked some Apache settings as well, AllowOverride is set to ALL and the mod_rewrite module is installed and enabled. Is there perhaps something else concerning differences in both server's configurations that I could have missed?

EDIT: I think I am a bit closer to finding out what the problem is. It is either something with Apache or .htaccess (but I already tried many things) or it has to do with the fact that the server URL is rather than as it was on the old server. Maybe I should change the baseurl or location of my .htaccess? This looks similar to my problem, but moving the .htaccess did not fix the problem: Url routing errors in php in codeigniter. I might try re-installing Apache.

2014/10/02 09:52
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