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I have a query that generating a list of records:

<table class="simplet" width="640" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<th width="300" colspan="2">Product Name</th>
<th width="150">Brand</th>
<th width="100">Quantity</th>
<th width="60">Price</th>
<th width="30">Delete</th>
<tr><td colspan="6"><div id="status_text_list" /></td></tr>


$current_user= wp_get_current_user();
$username= $current_user->user_login;

mysql_connect("localhost","xxxx","xxxx");//database connection

$query= "SELECT * FROM wp_userdata WHERE username='$username'";
$result= mysql_query($query);
if (!$result) { die("Error db request: <br />". mysql_error()); }

while ($result_row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)){ echo '<tr class="odd-row"><td width="30"></td><td>'.$result_row['product_name'].'</td><td>'.$result_row['product_brand'].'</td><td>'.$result_row['product_quantity'].'</td><td>'.$result_row['product_link'].'</td><td><a class="link-delete" href="delete.php?id='.$result_row['id'].'">X</a></td></tr>';



Here is my ajax jquery part:

//on the click of the submit button 
 //get the form values

var current_user= wp_get_current_user();
var username= $current_user->user_login;

 //make the postdata
 var postData = 'username='+username;

 //call your input.php script in the background, when it returns it will call the success function if the request was successful or the error one if there was an issue (like a 404, 500 or any other error status)

    url : "delete.php",
    type: "POST",
    data : postData,
    success: function(data,status, xhr)
        //if success then just output the text to the status div then clear the form inputs to prepare for new data
    error: function (jqXHR, status, errorThrown)
        //if fail show error and server status
        $("#status_text_list").html('there was an error ' + errorThrown + ' with status ' + textStatus);
}); });

And here is my delete.php:

mysql_connect("localhost","xxxx","xxxx");//database connection

if(isset($_REQUEST['id']) && is_numeric($_REQUEST['id']))
mysql_query("DELETE FROM wp_userdata WHERE id='".$_REQUEST['id']."'");


This list of records has a delete "X" link at the end of each table row. When I click on the delete link, i need the deletion process to be done in background without leaving the page.

As of right now when I click delete it brings me to delete.php page. The records gets deleted though.

So how do I make the Ajax part to work?

Also is it possible to have a deleted row to disappear from the screen as well without leaving/refreshing the page?

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