2014-07-28 04:09


I'm posting data from a web page to a php page with Ajax. It's working fine.

I get my data from the $_POST, loop through the values and create an array called checklist.

if($_POST != ''):
$dataset = $_POST['data'];
$checklist = array();
foreach ($dataset as $i => $row)
   $uid = $row['box-id'];
   $state = $row['box-state'] ;
   $eventid = $row['e_id'];
   $checklist[] = array('uid'=>$uid, 
                    'state'=> $state);

Checklist has two fields, a uid and a state.

I then run a script that generates another array, called $updates. It loops through a different set of objects and outputs the data to populate the variables for $updates. The structure of $updates is as such.

 $updates[] =  array('uid'=>$uid, 
                     'state'=> $state,
                     'class' => $class,
                     'container' => $button_cont,
                     'closer' => $button_closer);

What I would like to do is to compare $updates with $checklist.

I'd like to know the most efficient way to match the records by the uid and compare the state. If the state matches, I'd like to do nothing.

I've read a few of the articles on looping and search, but I'm thinking I've been looking at this for too long because it's Greek to me. Thanks for assistance.

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  • dongyue7796 dongyue7796 7年前

    save the checklist like -

    $checklist[$uid] = $state;

    same for updates

    $updates[$uid] = array('state'=> $state,
                     'class' => $class,
                     'container' => $button_cont,
                     'closer' => $button_closer);

    then start the loop

    foreach ($updates as $key => $update) { 
       if ($update['state'] == $checklist[$key]) {
           //your action
       }//compare the values

    $key will be the uid.hope it will help you

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