2014-07-03 18:16

codeigniter - 路由不存在的URI

So in this codeigniter installation, I have a controller called user. In its index() I accept a user_name and show that user's profile.

class User extends CI_Controller
  function index($user_name)
    //show user profile...

This works fine. However to view a profile the visitor has to go to: <site>/user/john_doe

I want the URL to be <site>/john_doe. I know this is not possible using the default controller/function/arg setup that codeigniter has. Can I map this in routessuch that if a visitor types <site>/john_doe, the system recognizes there is no controller called john_doe it internally renders <site>/user/john_doe (however it should keep the original short url)

Also, there will be a side effect concern of what if a user creates a username called user which is already a valid controller...but I guess that is a secondary concern (can block all controller names as keywords so user cannot register one of them)

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  • doubu5035 doubu5035 7年前

    You can, by putting the following rule at the bottom of your routing file.

    $route['/(:any)'] = "/user/index/$1";

    It is of absolute importance that this rule be placed at the bottom. If you put it on top, all the URL's you enter will match the user/index controller.

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