2014-05-12 14:44


I have using CakeEmail to send email but when I send Html and text email then the email show the attachment icon in the outlook .

I found that it is because of header Content-type: multipart/mixed; .

But it should be Content-Type:multipart/aternative;

I tried to override it by using $Email->setHeaders();

But it didn't changed.

Please suggest how do I change the Content-Type header in CakeEmail.

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  • doutan3463 doutan3463 7年前

    Outlook will show the paperclip icon only there is an attachment, even if you cannot see it through the Outlook UI.

    Are you sure there are no attachments? Take a look at the message with OutlookSpy: select the message, click IMessage button, go to the GetAttachmentTable tab.

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