2014-04-13 05:27
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I am workin on a project in which i need to design and hotel inventory management system below are mention few point which i need to keep in mind while creating such flow

  1. user Interface of the system should look like an excel sheet where Column Should represent date and row should represent number of room in each category.
  2. Boxes in user interface should be clickable.
  3. by clicking on that box user should be able to block that particular cell and block his inventory
  4. Also on second click on that block celll user should be able to open that block inventory
  5. Blocked Inventory should show some icon like cross to represent that is inventory is blocked

Now below are few questions on which i would like to have your help.

  1. How this user interface can be build on php
  2. How i need to design my sql query
  3. How database normalization should be done in such case

i have not build a single line of code so would not be able to share. would request you to suggest some artical or webpage where i can understand such inventory management system.

Thanks Pratik Verma

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我在一个项目中工作,我需要设计和酒店库存管理系统下面提到几点我 在创建此类流程时需要牢记

  1. 系统用户界面应该看起来像Excel表格,其中列应表示日期和行应代表每个人的房间数量 类别。
  2. 用户界面中的框应该是可点击的。
  3. 通过点击该框,用户应该能够阻止该特定单元格并阻止他的库存
  4. 同样在第二次点击该区块时,celll用户应该可以打开该区块库存
  5. 阻止库存应该显示一些图标,如十字形来表示库存被阻止


    1. 此用户界面如何 构建于php
    2. 我如何设计我的SQL查询
    3. 数据库规范化应该如何进行 e在这种情况下

      我没有构建一行代码,因此无法共享。 会要求你建议一些我可以理解这种库存管理系统的艺术或网页。

      谢谢 Pratik Verma

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  • dongtanjian9310 2014-04-13 05:36

    In the database aspect of your question:

    To normalize you should make sure you don't have repeating information, generally don't store fields that are calculated, and make sure the relationships of your tables are one to many if possible. Assign meaningful primary and foreign keys that are unique to their tables. Referential integrity is key! I'd also stay away from null values.

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