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I have inherited a project where I get passed a string via an API request that looks like this:

$return = "state|city|street";

Now I need to convert this into an array that reads

$value = "abcd"; //gets passed by user input
$result['state']['city']['street'] = $value;

The string that gets passed can contain any number of nestings and I don't know the name of the keys upfront. Only thing that is always the same is the delimiter.

The solution implemented by my predecessor is to explode the string and build a new string, then eval() that string:

$return = explode('|',$return);
$value = "abcd"; //gets passed by user input

$arrayString = '$result';
foreach($return as $key)
    $arrayString .= "['".$key."']";

$arrayString .= '="'.$value.'";' ;

I am sure there is an easy and better way to pull this off but I am too stupid to see it :/ Any hint would be appreciated :)


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  • 嵌套编号到数组键 1回答

    我继承了一个项目,我通过API请求传递了一个字符串,如下所示: \ n

      $ return =“state | city | street”; 


      $ value =“abcd”;  //通过用户输入传递
     $ result ['state'] ['city'] ['street'] = $ value; 

    字符串 传递可以包含任意数量的嵌套,我不知道密钥的名称。 唯一总是相同的是分隔符。


      $ return = explode('|',$ return); 
     $ value =“abcd”;  //通过用户输入传递
     $ arrayString ='$ result'; 
    foreach($ return as $ key)
     $ arrayString。=“['”。$ key。“']”;  
     $ arrayString。='=“'。$ value。'”;''  ; 
    eval($ arrayString); 

    我确信有一个简单而且更好的方法来解决这个问题但是我太傻了看不到:/ \ nAny提示将不胜感激:)

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  • donglu6303 2014-03-26 11:16

    Yes, under @Jack suggest I got this working way:

    $str = "state|city|street";
    $result = array();
    $node = &$result;
    foreach(explode("|", $str) as $v)
        $node = &$node[$v];
    array (size=1)
        'state' => 
            array (size=1)
                'city' => 
                    array (size=1)
                        'street' => &null
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