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Codeigniter - 从控制器传递数组,查看,然后传递到另一个控制器

I have a controller which handles the adding of records to a database. Sometimes these records require a couple of passwords to be entered, to "sign the record". Therefore, when the form is submitted, it is passed to a function in the controller called "getSignatures." This will load a view with inputs for the passwords needed. The users will then enter their passwords to "sign the document". This will then be passed to a function in the controller called "checkSignatures," which will call a function in the model to check the passwords.

However, I still need to pass through or save all the data from when the form is submitted.

I have tried using a global variable to save the form data, but when the checkSignatures function is called, it's called through a new controller. I also tried passing through the form data to the view, saving it in a hidden input and then passing it back through post but you can't save an array in a hidden input.

Any ideas would be great, and sorry for the long-winded question.

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我有一个控制器来处理向数据库添加记录。 有时这些记录需要输入几个密码才能“签署记录”。 因此,在提交表单时,会将其传递给名为“getSignatures”的控制器中的函数。 这将加载一个视图,其中包含所需密码的输入。 然后,用户将输入他们的密码以“签署文档”。 然后将其传递给控制器​​中名为“checkSignatures”的函数,该函数将调用模型中的函数来检查密码。

但是,我仍然需要通过或保存 表单提交时的所有数据。

我尝试使用全局变量来保存表单数据,但是当调用checkSignatures函数时,它会通过新的控制器调用。 我还尝试将表单数据传递给视图,将其保存在隐藏的输入中,然后通过post传回,但是您无法将数组保存在隐藏的输入中。

任何 想法会很棒,并为这个冗长的问题感到抱歉。

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