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Codeigniter - 从控制器传递数组,查看,然后传递到另一个控制器

I have a controller which handles the adding of records to a database. Sometimes these records require a couple of passwords to be entered, to "sign the record". Therefore, when the form is submitted, it is passed to a function in the controller called "getSignatures." This will load a view with inputs for the passwords needed. The users will then enter their passwords to "sign the document". This will then be passed to a function in the controller called "checkSignatures," which will call a function in the model to check the passwords.

However, I still need to pass through or save all the data from when the form is submitted.

I have tried using a global variable to save the form data, but when the checkSignatures function is called, it's called through a new controller. I also tried passing through the form data to the view, saving it in a hidden input and then passing it back through post but you can't save an array in a hidden input.

Any ideas would be great, and sorry for the long-winded question.

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    douxiangdiao6348 douxiangdiao6348 2014-03-24 23:15

    Try using sessions as described here. In particular you should look at CodeIgniter's flashdata.

    Sessions will be stored on the server for the entirety of the user's browsing session. This will let you access the data again. Flashdata is deleted after the next page load so they don't stick around for long.

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