2013-12-13 13:31
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i am trying to show an alert of java script on a same i mean the below code

echo "<script type='text/jscript'>alert('Wrong Email!!.')</script>";

for example after checking the form if something wrong this message appear on the same page ,right now i can handle this message on a blank page & after that again with redirect code redirect to the same page ,but this is not the one which i want !!! i want this message appear on the same page of P H P.

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  • douheng8629 2013-12-13 14:03

    i find the solution for this problem I,MYSELF. we can send the submit values to another page but after checking in that page you can send back a value & result by query into the same page & show up the result ..look!


    echo ("document.location.href='../home.php?result=wrong';"); }

    and on home page you can show the message like this !

    if(isset($_GET['result'])){if($_GET['result']==wrong){ echo "<script
    type='text/jscript'>alert('Wrong Email!!.')</script>";}}

    That's it !!;)

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  • dqrqp8492 2013-12-13 13:33

    Use it in href:

    <a href="javascript:alert('Wrong Email!!.');">

    Otherwise you need it in a Button, a.e. when the Form is Submitted:

    function showAlert() {
        if(foo = bar)
            alert('Wrong eMail!');
    <input type="submit" value="Click Here" onClick="showAlert();">

    If you just want to see an Alert PopUp after Pageload, go with the HTML Body Tag and "onLoad".

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