2013-10-08 14:07
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HTTPS请求PHP / ZF 1.11

I need to implement a setting secure browsing to my site. I have SSL certificate for my site and I want it should work for both HTTP and HTTPS requests based on the user setting. If user selects secure browsing it should redirect with HTTPS protocol only though if any one remove https manually in url like facebook.

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我需要实现设置安全浏览到我的网站。 我的网站有SSL证书,我希望它可以根据用户设置同时适用于HTTP和HTTPS请求。 如果用户选择安全浏览,则应该使用HTTPS协议进行重定向,但是如果有任何人在facebook等网址中手动删除https。 </ p> </ div>

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