2013-08-27 07:30
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I have virtual server without domain name yet. On server is Ubuntu LAMP installed. I will have domain name later. I can access on server via public static ip address. I want make only simple sending email from php script from this server. I want use Postfix. But I read that Postfix needs FQDN. Before I start install and configure Postfix I want know if is possible use ip address instead domain name for Postfix. Very thanks.

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我的虚拟服务器还没有域名。 在服务器上安装了Ubuntu LAMP。 我稍后会有域名。 我可以通过公共静态IP地址访问服务器。 我想只从这个服务器发送简单的PHP脚本发送电子邮件。 我想使用Postfix。 但我读到Postfix需要FQDN。 在我开始安装和配置Postfix之前,我想知道是否可以使用IP地址而不是域名用于Postfix。 非常感谢。

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  • duanhan8757 2013-08-27 20:12

    As far as I know there is no way to make postfix send mail to the Internet without FQDN. It can be set up to exchange mail between local users, though, but that's obvoiusly not going to help you. The reason behind this is quite simple: The vast majority of the mail servers are verifying peer's identity on SMTP connection using reverse DNS lookup. If your IP has no nice DNS name assigned, then your mail is quite likely to be considered spam. So even though you might manage to bypass FQDN requirement, your recipients still may not receive your mails. It can even be dangerous, as your IP may get stuck into spam lists after that.

    I see two options for your here:

    1. Wait for the correct domain name to be associated with your IP
    2. Or use mailbox on an established public service like gmail or hotmail to send mails from. This will play well as a temporary solution until you got your DNS record in place.
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