2013-06-21 09:05
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在XAMPP localhost服务器中使用cron作业执行PHP插入Web服务

I want to execute a PHP insertion webservice at a particular time using a cron job in XAMPP localhost server and Windows 7 OS, can you tell me how to execute it in detail?

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我想在XAMPP localhost服务器和Windows 7操作系统中使用cron作业在特定时间执行PHP插入Web服务 ,你能告诉我如何详细执行它吗?

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  • duankong8998 2013-06-21 09:14
    1. Open Scheduler (type Sched into the search box and it'll appear)OR go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks
    2. Click 'Create Task'.
    3. The Scheduled Task Wizard will appear. Give the task you wish to generate a name and a brief description if you so wish.
    4. Click the 'Actions' tab then click 'New'. Leave the top option at its default, which is 'Start Program'.
    5. In the 'Program/script' box click browse to your favourite browser and select its executable file (eg: firefox.exe)
    6. In the 'Add arguments' box put the address of your cron.php file, eg: http://www.yourdomain.com/runcron.php
    7. Go to the 'Triggers' tab and select any time once per day (or whatever frequency you prefer) then fine tune the conditions from within the 'Settings' tab. Done!

    Hope this help! Details on here.

    PS. you can aslo run on localhost

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