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When I use autocomplete in IntelliJ with the PHP plugin active it comes up correctly. The problem is that I'm missing the documentation for the function calls. I know IntelliJ can "see" it because if I go over $this->connection->autocommit("foo"); and hit ctrl-Q I see the docs I'm looking for.

How do I...

  1. Get the PHPDocs to automatically appear when I'm doing autocomplete.
  2. Get the PHPDocs to automatically appear when I'm hovering over something.

enter image description here

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    duanhan9479 duanhan9479 2013-04-10 07:17
    1. Autopopup documentation in... Note that it works only for the explicit completion, when you press Ctrl+Space.

    2. You can press Ctrl+Q when completing to get the popup. Automatic documentation on mouse however is not available in the current IDE version, but it may appear later as this feature was recently implemented in the platform.

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