2019-08-02 14:49
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I have a scenario in which the machine I'm deploying to doesn't have direct access to the Git repo. So the solution is that I have a Git bundle of my repo copied locally to the machine where the code will deploy.

So it looks like this.


If I want to use this with the normal git client, I could do

git clone /var/local/repos/MyGitRepo/MyGitRepo.git MyGitRepo

And I have a checkout of the MyGitRepo in the MyGitRepo directory.

My question is, when I use composer to install the MyGitRepo, I have to refer to the MyGitRepo checked out Git repo, rather than the /var/local/repos/MyGitRepo/MyGitRepo.git

So the repositories looks like this:

 "type" : "vcs",
  "url" : "/where/i/put/MyGitRepo"

This works, but can't I just point composer to the git repo rather than the checked out git repo?

I feel like this should work:

 "type" : "vcs",
  "url" : "/var/local/repos/MyGitRepo/MyGitRepo.git"

I get this problem reported.

The requested package mygitrepo could not be found in any version, there may be a typo in the package name.

If I have to point composer to a checked out local repo, that's fine, but it seems like I should be able to use that .git bundle as I would any Git repo.

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我有一个场景,我正在部署的机器无法直接访问Git仓库。 所以解决方案是我将我的repo的Git包本地复制到代码将部署的机器上。

所以它看起来像这样。 < p> /var/local/repos/MyGitRepo/MyGitRepo.git


git clone /var/local/repos/MyGitRepo/MyGitRepo.git MyGitRepo

我在结账时检查了MyGitRepo MyGitRepo目录。

我的问题是,当我使用composer安装MyGitRepo时,我必须参考MyGitRepo检出Git repo,而不是 / var / local /repos/MyGitRepo/MyGitRepo.git



“type”  :“vcs”,
“url”:“/ where / i / put / MyGitRepo”

这有效,但我不能 将作曲家指向git repo而不是签出的git repo?


“ 键入“:”vcs“,
”url“:”/ var / local / repos / MyGitRepo /  MyGitRepo.git“


请求的包mygitrepo 无法在任何版本中找到, 包名中可能有拼写错误。

如果我必须将作曲家指向签出的本地仓库, 这没关系,但似乎我应该能够像使用任何Git仓库一样使用.git捆绑包。

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  • donglaoping9702 2019-08-02 17:27

    You can use the path type of repo to create a symlink in your vendor folder that will point to your clone. Taken from the docs:

        "repositories": [
                "type": "path",
                "url": "/var/local/repos/MyGitRepo/MyGitRepo.git"
        "require": {
            "my/package": "*"
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