donglinxin8765 2019-04-29 22:35
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I am trying to mimic something similar to Visual Composer/WPBakery by creating a custom page builder in WordPress. I am not sure how VC manages to take over the default WordPress editor. Is it possible to completely replace this editor like what VC seems to be doing or are they just adding to the editor and making it seem like it is different. I have tried reviewing the source code but am no expert in PHP and it's hard for me to understand how they are doing it. I would like to create my own custom post type and have the custom editor only apply to my custom post type. Any help/advice would be appreciated!

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  • dozabg1616 2019-04-30 00:35

    I found that this is completely possible through page templates. David, the author of this article provides an awesome solution of how to accomplish this.

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