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将emojis从php web app传递到Oracle db和mysql

We have an php (codeigniter) web app that sending sms's. the db we connected to is oracle. when some customer trying to send emoji throgh our webapp the emoji is not displayed well on the message in the mobile phone. we can see the emoji in sql plus but it not displeyed well on pl sql. we assuming it related to some encoding issue but can't point to the exact problem.

the flow is like that

  1. PHPinsert into oracle.
  2. Java that take lines from oracle to mysql.
  3. Insert into mysql.
  4. Send as message to mobile phone.

for example :

This is how it looks in php text area :


this is how it looks with PL/SQL after insert to oracle:


this is how it looks with SQL PLUS after insert to oracle :


and this is how it looks in mysql:


and also in the mobile phone message:


The charset in mysql and oracle is utf8mb4

we tryed to change the query in php to be like insert into sms(messaage) values(?) we tried to change the type of the column from varchar2 to clob


the connection from the PHP to oracle is set well i think ,as you can see here:


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  • dp815292 2019-04-30 09:51

    i have found the solution . needed to change the connection charset from php to oracle to be 'AL32UTF8' insted of 'utf8'. now it works great. thank you

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