dongyaxiao5884 2019-04-16 19:24
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为什么在重新加载而不是窗口加载后引导模态弹出窗口。 可能是什么原因?

I am setting Bootstrap modal window on every page with hidden scroll on background to grab visitor details for lead generation because we are getting enough traffic.

I am doing all coding with header.php using window on load popup for each time. Popup should be hide after click on close or submit options. and no more popup window on any page after click on close or submit at once.

i am using session to hide popup after close or submit click. this is working fine.

is session is safe ? whats other options ?

what kind of problem i am getting - popup occures after reload instead of window on load.

looks like cookies issue, header cache issue. i have no idea

after researching i have done window reload once . its give some variables in url

check here :

please suggest me some other options or provide me solutions.

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