douren9077 2019-04-17 03:28
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I'm creating a social app similar to instagram on Android studio.

Users will be able to upload and view photos in this app.

The photos are saved on a Cloud in a folder called "ProfileImage" and the URL of the photos is saved on the MySql database, along with the ID of the photo and the user's ID.

To get the photos I would like to use Picasso.

If for example the user A wants to look at his photos, the app will have to show him only his photos, that is I will have to get the URLs of the photos that have the id of the user A.

Picasso to get the photos use the following code Picasso.get().load("").into(imageView);

But the problem is that I don't know the specific URL of the photos.

One solution I thought of is to get the URLs of the photos via PHP and pass them into an android variable that I will use as a URL variable for Picasso.

But this solution seems slow to me, in the sense that the photo will not be displayed immediately, but seconds will have to pass.

Can anyone recommend a faster and perhaps better solution than mine?

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  • doulizhi1247 2019-04-17 04:49

    First of all, Upload your image to server and save image url inside mysql database not image itself. Create one api that returns user info including image url.

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