An organization is running its web application using apache in amazon server. The scripting language is PHP.

I wanted to use the PHP native mail function. I need a from address. I do not want the sent mails to go to the spam folder as the mail is sent from amazon server where as the from address i tried was from the organizations domain. So, thought of using the organizations Google Collaborative Mailbox option. Though i have used other mail options i wanted to use this.

I do not want to use amazon SES as the organization have to pay for every mail sent.

The purpose of the email id created is just to send mails to the subscribed customers. Please do not suggest other options as I am much aware of it. I wanted to clarify this.

Is it really possible or worthy to use the above option in an application?



组织正在使用amazon服务器中的apache运行其Web应用程序。 脚本语言是PHP。</ p>

我想使用PHP本机邮件功能。 我需要一个来自地址。 我不希望发送的邮件转到垃圾邮件文件夹,因为邮件是从亚马逊服务器发送的,因为我尝试的地址是来自组织域。 所以,想到使用组织Google Collaborative Mailbox选项。 虽然我使用过其他邮件选项但我想使用它。</ p>

我不想使用亚马逊SES,因为组织必须为发送的每封邮件付费。</ p>
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创建的电子邮件ID的目的只是向订阅的客户发送邮件。 请不要建议其他选项,因为我非常了解它。 我想澄清一下。</ p>

在应用程序中使用上述选项真的可能或值得吗?</ p>
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