2018-12-03 10:57
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Greeting, i am really new to github. My lecturer send me a php project in github. He ask me to edit and send the project URL to him. i don't know how to do it without he know that i am edit it. I don't want that he notice while i edit :D. I hope there is anyone to guide me. Thanks a lot. I cannot ask my lecturer this question because he ask us to try by own.

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问候,我是github的新手。 我的讲师给我发了一个github的php项目。 他让我编辑并将项目URL发送给他。 如果没有他知道我正在编辑它,我不知道该怎么做。 我编辑时不想让他注意到:D。 我希望有人能指导我。 非常感谢。 我不能问我的讲师这个问题,因为他要求我们自己尝试。</ p> </ div>

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