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在session.save_path Codeigniter中使用模式格式

I'm facing a problem using the session library in Codeigniter. On this page it specifically says

To be more specific, it doesn’t support PHP’s directory level and mode formats used in session.save_path, and it has most of the options hard-coded for safety. Instead, only absolute paths are supported for $config['sess_save_path'].

Now what I want is to create session files with permissions 777. I've set the session_save_path in php.ini to 0;0777;/home/sessions/. This is overwritten by the local value by Codeigniter to /home/sessions. How can I force Codeigniter to create these session files with 777 permissions, as it doesn't support this in the config file.

Please don't mind about the 777 permissions on session files.

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我在Codeigniter中使用会话库时遇到问题。 在此页上,它具体说明了

更具体地说,它不支持在session.save_path中使用的PHP的目录级别和模式格式,并且它具有为安全而硬编码的大多数选项。 相反,$ config ['sess_save_path']仅支持绝对路径。

现在我想要的是创建具有权限777的会话文件。我已设置 php.ini中的session_save_path为 0; 0777; / home / sessions / 。 Codeigniter将本地值覆盖到 / home / sessions 。 如何强制Codeigniter以777权限创建这些会话文件,因为它在配置文件中不支持此功能。


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