2018-09-30 16:12
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如何通过官方Zendesk API PHP客户端获取组的所有票证?

I'm using the offical Zendesk PHP API client but I cannot find any documentation on how to get all tickets of a special group.

I already studied the README.MD on GitHub, the samples and also source code of the framework but I could not figure it out.

I have the group ID, but it would also be possible to search the tickets with a tag. Unfortunately I am not able to search for tickets, just for users.

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我正在使用官方 Zendesk PHP API客户端但我找不到任何关于如何获取特殊组的所有票证的文档。


我有组ID,但也可以使用标签搜索故障单。 不幸的是,我无法为用户搜索门票。

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  • dongsetan3216
    dongsetan3216 2018-10-04 15:15

    After a few days Zendesk support got back to me, and the solution is quite simple if you know how:

    With $client->search()->find('type:ticket group:GROUP_NAME') you can use all query parameters described in the Zendesk API Documentation.

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