2018-08-12 21:45
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I updated php from 7.0.31 to 7.2.8. Then installed php-fpm and nginx. Now I have next installed packages:

php-bcmath.x86_64                  5.4.16-45.el7                     @base
php-cli.x86_64                     5.4.16-45.el7                     @base
php-common.x86_64                  5.4.16-45.el7                     @base
php-fedora-autoloader.noarch       1.0.0-1.el7                       @epel
php-gd.x86_64                      5.4.16-45.el7                     @base
php-mbstring.x86_64                5.4.16-45.el7                     @base
php-mcrypt.x86_64                  5.4.16-7.el7                      @epel
php-mysql.x86_64                   5.4.16-45.el7                     @base
php-pdo.x86_64                     5.4.16-45.el7                     @base
php-pear.noarch                    1:1.9.4-21.el7                    @base
php-pecl-igbinary.x86_64           1.2.1-1.el7                       @epel
php-pecl-memcached.x86_64          2.2.0-1.el7                       @epel
php-pecl-msgpack.x86_64            0.5.5-5.el7                       @epel
php-pecl-zendopcache.x86_64        7.0.5-2.el7                       @epel
php-php-gettext.noarch             1.0.12-1.el7                      @epel
php-process.x86_64                 5.4.16-45.el7                     @base
php-tcpdf.noarch                   6.2.13-1.el7                      @epel
php-tcpdf-dejavu-sans-fonts.noarch 6.2.13-1.el7                      @epel
php-tidy.x86_64                    5.4.16-7.el7                      @epel
php-xml.x86_64                     5.4.16-45.el7                     @base
php72-php-cli.x86_64               7.2.8-1.el7.remi                  @remi-safe
php72-php-common.x86_64            7.2.8-1.el7.remi                  @remi-safe
php72-php-fpm.x86_64               7.2.8-1.el7.remi                  @remi-safe
php72-php-json.x86_64              7.2.8-1.el7.remi                  @remi-safe
php72-php-mysqlnd.x86_64           7.2.8-1.el7.remi                  @remi-safe
php72-php-opcache.x86_64           7.2.8-1.el7.remi                  @remi-safe
php72-php-pdo.x86_64               7.2.8-1.el7.remi                  @remi-safe
php72-php-pear.noarch              1:1.10.5-6.el7.remi               @remi-safe
php72-php-pecl-igbinary.x86_64     2.0.7-1.el7.remi                  @remi-safe
php72-php-pecl-memcached.x86_64    3.0.4-2.el7.remi                  @remi-safe
php72-php-pecl-msgpack.x86_64      2.0.2-4.el7.remi                  @remi-safe
php72-php-process.x86_64           7.2.8-1.el7.remi                  @remi-safe
php72-php-xml.x86_64               7.2.8-1.el7.remi                  @remi-safe
php72-runtime.x86_64               1.0-1.el7.remi                    @remi-safe

And my site working by apache now. Nginx + php-fpm I only try set. And when I see phpinfo from apache, I find information about opcache:

Zend Engine v3.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2018 Zend Technologies
    with Zend OPcache v7.2.8, Copyright (c) 1999-2018, by Zend Technologies

when I see phpinfo from nginx I don't see information about opcache:

Zend Engine v3.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2018 Zend Technologies 

In phpinfo from nginx these lines differ of apache.

Configuration File (php.ini) Path 
Loaded Configuration File 
Scan this dir for additional .ini files 

but php.ini files same and has path to

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