2018-08-03 20:19



I want to create two version of site that one of them work for javascript-enabled users and another for non-javascript-enabled . In the javascript-enabled version , i load all content using AJAX that crawlers cann't access to the content . I want to use below code to redirect page to non-javascript-enabled version :

 <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=" />

Also i want to put some PHP scripts in the index page to check url parametrs . This is my PHP codes :

 if ($_GET['noscript'] == "true") {
  // This is non-javascript-enabled version
  // Show all content here using WP_QUERY function

And now i have a question . Does google crawler access to the content using non-javascript-enabled version ?

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  • dongyan5141 dongyan5141 3年前

    I think it does both. It definitely runs some JavaScript, but I've also seen it showing results for content inside <noscript> elements, so it'll probably work.

    However, the HTML you've provided is not valid. Most browsers might accept it, but it isn't strictly valid HTML. Instead, you should use a workaround from this question.

    Thanks for trying to provide a non-JavaScript version of your site, though. Even if AJAX-fetched static content isn't the best way to create a website (it's often better to have all the content there but hide some of it with CSS), it's better that you're trying to provide a complete experience to everyone than leaving some people at the wayside.

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