2018-07-16 18:02


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This is a simple batch of code, I have tried things such as $Projects = (Object) $array and others that involve converting arrays to objects, and objects to arrays. My issue always stays the same where when the $_GET is populated all records from the PE table are sent into the ProjectEmployees variable. From there, I use a foreach to go through each one and take each of the Project IDs and take the corresponding project and add it to the Projects object. This object is then sent to a form where all the data is read out and displayed.

My issue is that within the foreach loop the $Projects object gets overwritten and only ever outputs 1 record, even though I know there should be 2, it is also the second record so I know it is overwriting not just skipping. I know it is reaching that point as the find function is a select * where the EmployeeID = ID which I have tested within the database itself so I know it should work.

public function list() {
    if (isset($_GET['employee'])){
        $ProjectEmployees = $this->ProjectEmployeesTable->find('EmployeeID', $_GET['employee']);

        foreach($ProjectEmployees as $ProjectEmploy){
            $Projects = $this->projectsTable->find('ProjectID', $ProjectEmploy->ProjectID);

So my question is whether there is any way to correctly iterate the records I want from the ProjectsTable ,according to the project IDs within the ProjectEmployees variable, into Projects.

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