2018-07-08 14:27
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I've got a strange problem going on with Symfony. Today I made brand new project using composer create-project symfony/website-skeleton gall command and right after installation, before doing anything in code I go to the website and the only thing that is said on webprofiler toolbar is "An error occurred while loading the web debug toolbar." I don't even get to see what kind of error is this.
The server I'm running is PHP v. 7.2.3, program is Xampp for Windows. I thought maybe this default starting page is bugged, so I made some test controller and the error is exactly the same.
Have you encountered such problem with latest symfony?

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我和Symfony有一个奇怪的问题。 今天我使用 composer create-project symfony / website-skeleton gall </ code>命令创建了一个全新的项目,并且在安装之后,在执行任何代码之前我去了网站,这是webprofiler工具栏上唯一的说法 是“加载Web调试工具栏时出错”。 我甚至没有看到这是什么样的错误。
我正在运行的服务器是PHP v.7.2.3,程序是Xampp for Windows。 我想也许这个默认的起始页面被窃听 ,所以我做了一些测试控制器,错误完全一样。
您是否遇到过最新symfony的问题?</ p> </ div>

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